Diglossa.js - Bilingual Reader

Diglossa.js - an application for creating, distributing and reading bi-(many) lingual texts. Based on Electron.js and Couchdb


The direct result of the program is a convenient presentation of multilingual text and the publication of ready-made texts on the web. And the final, distant result is publication of one or several texts in the version control system (usually github.com). From where texts can be loaded again for further work by the next user, etc.


The work of Diglossa is based on a small database (in the simplest case, it is just a json formatted file, in general, it is an entry in CouchDB) that stores information about the source texts (links to resources) and specifies how to handle this resource.

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Diglossa.js is built on a bare source authoritative text (.txt in UTF-8), which is not modified, and which is stored in the version control system.

Layers (layers) are attached to the text, tied to a specific place of the text with anchors. Thus you can get the result of any complexity, keeping the source text intact. Additional layers to the text can be: comments, pagination, parallel texts, logical markup, publisher notes, any meta-information, etc.

This approach makes it possible to use a free result license with limited source code licenses. Using diglossa.js is no more difficult than the well-known FB2-Reader, text preparation takes minutes.