just copy Crtl+C Ancient Greek text everywhere on a desktop, then move mouse over a word

Hot Keys:

Ctrl-H - home page

Ctrl-Shift-R - reload application

Ctrl-R - clear history - only the last page remains

Ctrl+C - to copy wordform, the same as select and copy, start analysis as usual

Ctrl+Shift+C - to copy wordform, but not statring analysis


Ctrl+mouse - allows you to move mouse freely

Click on a wordform - further analysis

Click-Shift on a wordform - shows words with a similar stem

Alt + mouse hover wordform - shows phonetic transcription

Alt-Shift + mouse hover wordform - shows gematria, i.e. isopsephy, for the Pythagoreans only

Ctrl+D - local dict chunk for a current text - (use context menu also)

space - toggle results in right pane

tab - expand one of the results in the right pane, step by step


mouse hover wordform - result in browser: (use context menu also)

Ctrl+P - Perseus Greek Word Study Tool

Ctrl+W - Wiktionary

Ctrl+S - Souda dictionary (only if Souda is in right pane)


Alt-Arrows - pressing the left arrow will go back a page and pressing the right arrow will move forward a page, like in browsers, (use context menu also)


Ctrl-+ - increase font

Ctrl– - decrease font

Ctrl-0 - normal font


Ctrl+F - search current wordform and all its nest in Diglossa.js (v. >= 0.6)