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Morpheus v.0.4.0


how to make corrections, add new translation or new book to diglossa

method first, simple

open repository list at https://github.com/diglossa. For example, "The Story of My Misfortunes" by Petrus Abaelardus has repository at address https://github.com/diglossa/Abelard-Historia-Calamitatum

Fork it. Make corrections or add new translation files (for all or several parts of a book), modeled on the existing books.

Each paragraph of the translation have to be in parallel with paragraph of a source text. It is desirable to have each sentence in the paragraph in parallel with sentence of a souce, but this does not necessarily.

Translation's file has a name as part_N.lang.nic, ex. Chapter_01.ru.sokolov. Nic should be described in contents file.

To add a new book from scratch, create among other files a file with contents of a book with extention .yml or .json, look in existing books.

Then send me a pull-request